CH Marclay Bag'a Trix - "Bagheera"

(Brown Mac Tabby)

Best of Color - Midwest Region
2008-2009 show season

**Retired and living with Patty in Ohio**



CH Lil Luv Lyns Beguiling of Marclay - "Giles"

( Flame Point Himalayan )




GC RW Mipaws Southern Casanova of Marclay - "Cas"

( Blue Point Himalayan )

Midwest Region's 20th Best Cat
Best of Breed and Best of Color
2010-2011 Show Season




CH Marclay That's Amore' - "Maury"

( seal lynx point male)

Midwest Region's 3rd Best of Breed
Best of Color
2010-2011 Show Season

**Retired and Staying at Marclay**

CH Catley Crue I'm A Wickett Too X CH Larimyr One&True Love

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