GRP Catley Crue I'mNTrouble of Marclay

"Pluto" -- Flame Point Male

Pluto Granded in Bob Bryan's All Breed final in Elgin, IL in July of 2003. Pluto also received 6th BEST Himalayan Premier from the Atlantic Himalayan Club for the 2003-2004 show season.

Thank you Marsha for this wonderful boy. He really was a joy to show!!!



GRP Katzenfur DoubleDipped of Marclay

"Dobie" -- Blue and white bicolor Male

Dobie Granded in Indianapolis, IN in October of 2003 and now enjoys life at home with his brother "Shaker" and helping mom with the babies..

Thank you Carol for this sweet boy. I think Dobie is glad to be home with the family.


GC Larimyr Lady Liberty of Marclay

"Libby" -- Blue-Cream Point Female


GC RW Mipaws Southern Casanova of Marclay

"Cas" -- Blue Point Male

Thank you to all the judges who believed in Cas as much as I did!
 This was a great accomplishment for both myself and Cas' Breeder, Kathy Chandler of Mipaws! Cas placed 20th Best Cat in Region 6 for the 2010-2011 show season, Best of Breed in Region 6, and National Best Blue Point!!!
Way to go Cas!!!!



GP Rexdancer's Black Gold
Solid Black Cornish Rex